Grupo Industriales CVP is a family business pioneer in Spain dedicated to used industrial vehicles’s commercialization.

About us.

Among the main activity of our company we can enhance buy and sell entire fleets of vehicles, in other words, we are dedicated to the management and distribution of used comercial vehicle fleets.


Its beginnings date back to 1970 with the creation of the first vehicle repair company and thereafter services were extended to the sale.

We go forward.

Currently the Commercial Vehicle Development services CVP have spread to other European countries and Russia, thus placing us at the forefront of industry professionals.

Last vehicles.

  • Teléfono - Fax:
    916 856 387 - 916 856 388

  • Oficinas centrales:
    C/ Porto Lagos 11 bajo-A
    28924 - Alcorcón - Madrid - España
  • Delegaciones:
  • C/ Puerto Navafría 2, P. IND "LAS NIEVES"
    28935 - Móstoles - Madrid - España
  • ZA Los Palaus, 4 rue Hermès
    66170 - Millas - Francia
  • C/ Mayor 15
    28140 - Fuente del Saz de Jarama - Madrid - España

  • Praceta Professor Abilio Esperança 41
    5200-214 - Mogadouro - Portugal

Por razones de emplazamiento, rogamos concertar visita previa para ver los vehículos.